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Automatically Enforce Policies to Reduce Your Printing Costs

Looking for ways to manage and reduce office printing costs? Rules-Based Printing solutions from Monster Technology put you in control. You get decide who can print, how much they can print, what devices handle high-volume jobs, and many other things. The net result: you save money and reduce the environmental impact of paper usage.

Route High-Volume Jobs to Low-Cost Devices

Printers and all in one printers have different costs of operation. Typically, low-cost printers can cost 2 to 5 times as much to operate as high-volume network printers or multifunction copiers. Rules-based printing software can automatically route large print jobs to low cost devices. When users print large jobs the print driver will notify them that their print job will be printed on the network device instead of the desktop printer.

Increase Printer Security

In today’s regulatory-intensive business world, information privacy and security must be considered. This is especially true in healthcare, legal, or human resources environments. Printers can pose a security risk with documents sitting on the exit tray. Secure printing can hold print jobs at the printer until users release them with a PIN, password, or their employee badge.

Challenge Users to Print Less

When users print, a pop up window asks the user if they really need to print this document. This simple strategy begins to change use behavior over time.

Limit Print Usage

Another way to control your spend on printing is to limit print usage by user or department. With Rules-Based Printing software you budget how many pages a user or department can print.

Assign Print Costs to Departments, Users, or Clients

One way to reduce print costs is to assign printing and copying expenses to departments. Rules-Based Printing software gives you the ability to charge print expenses to users, departments, or clients.

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