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Automated Disaster Recovery Systems To Ensure Your Online Backups of Critical Business Data

There are few things more important to a business these days than online backups and a solid disaster recovery plan.  It could be something as simple as a server crashing to a physical disaster like a fire or flood in Los Angeles. You could also be vulnerable to the attacks of malicious hackers. Outdated online backup strategies could leave you without critical information. Fortunately, there are smart disaster recovery strategies to ensure your business information is automatically backed up and protected. We help you mitigate these risks with a business continuity and disaster recovery strategy.

Online Backup and Cloud Services

On-site backup strategies only go so far in protecting your data. If all of your backups reside on-site, you are vulnerable to a natural disaster or theft. If you rely on outdated manual processes like a tape backup, you risk someone forgetting to run the backup. We bring a better strategy with cloud-based online backup solutions that backup your information to a highly-secure server farm. You get the peace of mind of knowing your information is always protected.

Paper and Digital Information

When planning a business continuity strategy many businesses focus on digital data and forget to consider paper documents. Our business continuity strategy includes both paper and digital documents, ensuring that all of your critical data is backed up and secured. We do this by implementing document scanning and document management technologies.

Disaster Recovery Strategies

An Online Backup for data is just the first step. Another critical issue is what happens when you need to restore your system? Our cloud online backup strategy makes restoration simple. Whether you have one computer crash or your entire office destroyed, users can log into a virtual desktop from any computer. This allows everyone to get back to work while our team works to restore your desktops and servers.

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