Give Your Business a Competitive Edge with a Dedicated Document Management Solution

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Let’s face it, paper can be wasteful. Not only does it take up space and waste ink, but it also takes time to file and retrieve paper documents. Digital document management solutions are designed to help modern businesses save time and money while making, filing, retrieving, and sharing documents. Incorporating it into your current business processes can be [...]

Do You Trust Your Office Equipment’s Service Technician?

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In today’s office environment, technology reigns supreme. Even the most mundane office technology, from printers and copiers to fax machines and mailing systems, helps drive businesses by increasing productivity and efficiency. Any sort of equipment failure could lead to time-consuming and profit-killing downtime. This is where having a trustworthy service technician comes into play. However, [...]

Need Copier Repair? 4 Options to Get Up & Running

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Printers and copiers are essential office equipment at just about every workplace. Unfortunately, like all office equipment, printers and copiers tend to require repairs and service every once in a while. While this is to be expected, it doesn't make it any less inconvenient for the employees and the business as a whole. If you're [...]

HIPAA Compliance—Don’t Overlook Your Print Environment

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  Healthcare organizations know they carry a heavy burden when it comes to security. Even one mistake could lead to a violation of HIPAA mandates, putting your entire organization—and your patient's information—at risk. Fortunately, there are solutions to help mitigate your risks. 1. Track and Manage Your Devices With so much to do already, it's [...]

Uncover Hidden Costs With a Managed Print Services Assessment

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  Few business owners would argue that reducing costs isn't one of their top priorities, yet many overlook an opportunity that's right in front of them. Print-related spending is one of those "hidden in plain sight" expenses that many business owners fail to notice. Hidden Costs Perhaps it's because our offices are dominated by printers [...]

3 Things to Consider Before Buying a Multifunction Printer

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Buying a new multifunction printer isn't an easy task, particularly when you're weighing the many features, options, models, and brands against your budget. And most business professionals aren't sure what the best options are for them, especially since this task is only one you have to do every once in a while when your old [...]

Managed Print for Your Law Firm

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If there's one industry that knows the reality of paper, it's law. Law firms are inundated with forms and records, filings and briefings, documents and discoveries—pages upon pages of legal jargon that is not only necessary, but it's also crucial. Legal secretaries, paralegals, and attorneys are all aware of how cumbersome paper can be and [...]

Time to Upgrade Your Telephony?

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Hanging on to old technology can seem like a money-saving opportunity, but relying on outdated, slow, featureless technology leaves your business at a competitive disadvantage. Read on to learn the signs it’s time to upgrade and leverage modern telephony in your business. Signs It’s Time to Upgrade: Technology today is about one thing: integration. If [...]

What Would Happen If You Lost Your Data?

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How much data does your company have saved right now? Most small-to-medium sized businesses hold onto a few terabytes of storage that includes customer relationship management data, vendor information, billing and payroll records, taxes and legal filings, and loads of vital documents. This information is essential to the day-to-day operation of a company, and yet [...]