The Importance of Offsite Backup

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Offsite backup is the use of cloud-based storage systems for data recovery in case of a power failure, fire, tornado, earthquake, flood, or other disaster. As an LA-based company, we may fear the impact our businesses will take in the event of an earthquakes the most. But, did you know that offsite backup protects you [...]

8 Common Network Security Threats You Need to Know About

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Did you realize that every 39 seconds there is a different data hack being perpetrated against an American business? Studies also show that 95 percent of the records breached by hackers come from three main industries: retail, technology and government. If you are a small business owner, these statistics should motivate you to ensure the [...]

3 Ways to Secure Your Network with Printer Security

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Contrary to popular belief, printers are not innocuous devices sitting in the corner of the office. In fact, a recent study by information security company, Quocirca, found that a whopping 63 percent of companies reported print-related data breaches. And this percentage only represents known cases. The research confirmed that printer security has never been more [...]

Plan to Succeed With a Disaster Recovery Plan

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  Data security is on everyone's mind these days, and it's no wonder. With devastating security breaches making headlines on a regular basis, every business owner is wondering what, if anything, can be done to keep their confidential information safe. Fortunately for you and your company, there are proven solutions you can deploy now to [...]

Is Your Business Data Backed Up?

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  Imagine this: you wake up on a typical day, head to your office, and find out that the worst has happened. A disaster has occured—maybe it's a fire, a flood, a break-in, or a cyber attack—and your information is compromised. Perhaps it's worse than compromised: in the truly worst-case scenario, your information is stolen [...]

How MPS Can Improve the Security of Your Documents

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When considering the security of their business data, all too often companies overlook one of the most obvious vulnerabilities for their office today: their documents. According to research firm Quocirca, 63 percent of businesses surveyed admit to experiencing one or more print-related data breaches. However, in a survey of IT security practitioners by the Ponemon [...]

Why Do Hackers Target Printers?

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  Did you know that over half of business owners forget to secure their printer when they implement an office security strategy? Talk about leaving the door wide open for hackers—you might as well put out a welcome mat and gift-wrap your company information for them. These kinds of hacks happen—in fact, they happen often. [...]