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Collin Mitchell
Collin MitchellCEO

Team Member Since 2012

Collin Mitchell’s passion for the industry began in 2010. Collin Enjoys spending time with his new son, wife, and two dogs, as well as being active outdoors.

Kelly Mitchell
Kelly MitchellCFO

Team Member Since 2012

Kelly Mitchell has enjoyed a career in the tech business since 2011. She appreciates traveling, cooking, and exercising in her spare time.

John Higgins
John HigginsSales Director

Team Member Since 2013

John Higgins has been antiquated in the industry since 2001. He spends some of his free time watching his favorite sports teams: Los Angeles Dodgers, LA Kings, and USC Trojans.

Anne Constantino
Anne ConstantinoCustomer Service

Team Member Since 2016

Anne Constantino is our newest member and just began her career in the industry in 2016. She enjoys trying out new restaurants and has a passion for photography.

Ryan Fedor
Ryan FedorSr. Account Executive

Team Member Since 2015

Ryan Fedor has been in the industry since 2007. In his spare time, Ryan loves watching his favorite sports teams: Pittsburgh and the University of Michigan.

Mike Kelley
Mike KelleySr. Account Executive

Team Member Since 2014

Mike Kelley has been selling printer and IT supplies since 1994. When he is not in the office, he enjoys road racing his 1965 Mustang at various tracks on the West Coast.

Sophia Villa
Sophia VillaSr. Account Executive

Team Member Since 2015

Sophia Villa began her career in the industry in 2001. Sophia has a passion for hiking, yoga, and cooking.

John Hernandez
John HernandezSr. Account Executive

Team Member Since 2015

John Hernandez has been working in the tech Industry since 2006. On the weekends you can find John singing with his rock band or as a member of his church choir.

Paula Lappen
Paula LappenSr. Account Executive

Team Member Since 2015

Paula Lappen launched her career in the tech industry in 2009. Paula can be found on the beach, making jewelry, or spending time with her family on the weekends.

Michael Dash
Michael Dash Sr. Account Executive

Team Member Since 2013

Dash Michaels has been in the industry since 1990. Dash enjoys relaxing at the beach and hitting his favorite spin class at the gym on his down time.

 Chris Gallas
Chris GallasGSA Team Leader

Team Member Since 2015

Chris Gallas landed a position in the industry in 2014. He enjoys cooking/BBQ and listening to good music.

Mark SolvasonAccount Executive

Team Member Since 2017

Mark Solvason was born and raised in Copenhagen, Denmark. Mark has been in the industry for the past 12 years. He lives with his girlfriend, Sharla and their French Bulldog, Jameson. On his weekends he likes working out and any and outdoor activities.

 At Monster Technology, we whole-heartedly believe that how we treat our employees trickles down to the customer, and we couldn’t be more proud of the amazing group of individuals that we’ve put together to create our incredible team. Composed of dynamic, committed, and knowledgeable experts, we invite you to get to know each of them a bit better.

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